Sunday, October 14, 2012

Long Time no Post

Hey guys, 

I haven't posted for the longest time.  This past summer I've been busy working on a short film with my friends Jason Marino, and Craig Kitzmann.   Progress on the film has slowed down since the semester has started, but i've been keeping myself busy by taking on extra projects and revising old ones.  

Here are a couple pages of the work i've done this semester.  Since Im not currently enrolled in a visual development class, Im taking on the BFA assignments as best as I can. 

Im also taking a figure painting class this semester.  Its my first time using oils, but i've already noticed the oil painting skills translating to my digital work. 


  1. Your oil figure painting looks great! So that class is worth taking?

  2. Thanks Andy, I guess it depends on the instructor and what you want to take from the class. Im enjoying the extra painting time, but it gets really expensive. especially if you don't have an oil set haha.